Aerial and Mast Photography in Cornwall

Sky High Photographs uses the latest technology to take stunning photographs from a 40ft telescopic mast system.We also use an electric powered aircraft. This is perfect for planning, websites, surveys and any large rural properties. 

Portrait and product photography

We have a complete mobile photographic studio for portrait and product photography. This can be set up in your home, school or workplace for your convenience. competitive prices for groups. 

An Aerial Photograph of Cadgwith Cove on The Lizard Peninsular.

Established in medieval times as a collection of fishing cellars in a sheltered south-east facing coastal valley with a shingle cove to subsidise local farmers' livelihoods by fishing Cadgwith was originally called Caswydh or Porthcaswydh (thought to be derived from the Cornish word for 'a thicket'; probably because the valley was densely wooded). From the 16th century, the village became inhabited, with fishing as the main occupation. As seen on BBC tv's The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls.

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Cadgwith Cove Panorama

I have a growing selection of artistic photographs available for sale. This example is my local Cadgwith Cove. As seen on BBC tv's The Fisherman's Apprentice with Monty Halls. Available as a large canvas print.

Goonhilly Earth Satellite Station Visitors Centre in Cornwall

Not everyone can say they have an earth station on their doorstep! Here is a great photo of Arthur, the first dish to be built. It was used for the very first Transatlantic TV transmissions via 'Telstar. A genuine piece of technology history. All our photos are available to purchase as a print or digital image. For example, a 12x8 photo print for 10. Please feel free to contact for any other prices.

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Andrew of Sky High Photographs with one of his aircraft

This is just one of the aircraft used and has a wingspan of just over 4 feet and weighs about 4 lbs including the camera equipment. The model is powered by a powerful and very quiet brushless electric motor coupled with the latest in lithium battery power. Charging of the batteries is done while in the car, thus making the whole package to be enviromentally friendly. Andrew has been flying radio controlled aircraft from the age of 6 so has excellent and responsible piloting capabilities.

Andrew of Sky High Photographs with one of his aircraft

Infrared Imaging now available

Infrared photography now available. Images coming soon. Many thanks to Infraready - Infrared and Full Spectrum Imaging Equipment and Conversion Service. Please contact:

40ft Telescopic Mast photography. Single to 360 degree photos

The second option is to use our 40ft telescopic mast system. This is fully radio controlled and can be set up for that perfect photo or panorama. This has many uses from house sales to achieve the best photo of the property and land to planning and structural surveys inside and out. Maybe an aerial photo of the wedding party. Andrew can do a full estate agent style photo shoot and virtual tours to your instructions. Prices start from 50

Houses photographed from a Telescopic Mast

Panoramics and Virtual Tours

We can also do full 360 panoramas and virtual tours for your website. Our Virtual Tour can either be interiors for Hotels etc or Scenic 360 degree panoramics using a Telescopic Mast. Please contact Andrew for details. 

Buy Postcards and prints

Photos can be purchased direct from us. For example, 12 x 8 (A4) size are 10 each plus delivery. We now supply A5 Aerial postcards of Cornwall wholesale. Don't forget Andrew can take photos from ground level too.